Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What is the fuss about CrossFit?

The fuss is that it works, at least for me. I can bet that the people who write about the harmful effects of it are probably the people who have never even tried it. It works towards what, you may ask? Well, it changes your lifestyle and for the better. I am not just talking about working out regimen, but your lifestyle. 

CrossFit is not just an exercise technique but it is a way of life. I have to admit, I had all the wrong reasons for getting into CrossFit. I just wanted to be thin, nothing else, be thin. In a span of 4 months, CrossFit had taught me a different kind of beauty exists and is way more attractive than just being lean and thin. It is called STRENGTH. I now strongly believe that beauty in strength should be the motto for everyone. Everyone who is suffering from eating disorders, just to make themsleves lean, or the ones with rock bottom self-confidence because of the way they look. You don't have to shed hundreds of dollars to be a part of fancy gym and never go to it. Be a part of a gym (or box as crossfitters call them) where you want to go, where you look forward to go everyday even when your body is sore. 

I was a nerd all my life. Studying was all I ever did, starting from kindergarten up until my Masters. My parents tried to encourage me to go outside and play, but I never did. The main reason being that I was never good at any sports. 9 times out of 10, I participated in a sport I lost. Winning was just so important to me, that I did the only thing I was good at, study. CrossFit made me believe in one thing, I can be strong too and the real competition is mainly with yourself. I know I am not the fastest, or the best at it, but I am getting better every passing day.

With every passing day, comes a new achievement. Maybe not every day but consistently enough to make sure you are engaged till you knock one out and move to the other. I remember the day I got my first toes to bar, it felt so good. I can do pushups now, and pullups too with the least resistive band. With every PR comes a sense of satisfaction, achievement and a boost of confidence. With every extra pound I can lift I feel the gratification of giving my best to the job at hand. 

About the lifestyle changing part, I now think twice before eating anything I mean anything, and more often than not it is the right healthy choice. I actually feel nauseated sometimes when I look at fast/unhealthy food. Sometimes, is much higher than actually never. I make a conscious effort to be active on a regular basis. I sneak in sets of 10-15 burpees/lunges/air squats multiple times a day in between chores. Before sleeping I try to do 5, 1-minute planche holds. Every time I have to carry groceries from my car up two flights of stairs to my apartment I sneak in some bicep curls. It sounds crazy but it makes me feel good. 

Another great thing about CrossFit is the community that you are part of. I have to talk about my box "Folsom City CrossFit". It is the best place for me in Folsom. The people are just the best people I have ever met.  One of my friends aptly put it " They understand the simpler things better. We can relate a lot when it matters what matters most to me. That is the beauty of sport." Indeed it is... CrossFit is a sport, and anyone who disagrees with it, should try CrossFit. Every day when I look forward to 6.30pm , because it is the best part of my day. When I come back sore, I feel proud on what I have achieved. 

CrossFit is something that is making me healthy and happy about doing it at the same time. 

Finally, my love letter (or rant, however you may call it) about CrossFit ends with what my favorite coach always says, "It hurts so good".

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Stephen said...

Great read, Ved. Now you have best of both worlds, brains and STRENGTH! Keep it up!! Thanks for sharing.