Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What is the fuss about CrossFit?

The fuss is that it works, at least for me. I can bet that the people who write about the harmful effects of it are probably the people who have never even tried it. It works towards what, you may ask? Well, it changes your lifestyle and for the better. I am not just talking about working out regimen, but your lifestyle. 

CrossFit is not just an exercise technique but it is a way of life. I have to admit, I had all the wrong reasons for getting into CrossFit. I just wanted to be thin, nothing else, be thin. In a span of 4 months, CrossFit had taught me a different kind of beauty exists and is way more attractive than just being lean and thin. It is called STRENGTH. I now strongly believe that beauty in strength should be the motto for everyone. Everyone who is suffering from eating disorders, just to make themsleves lean, or the ones with rock bottom self-confidence because of the way they look. You don't have to shed hundreds of dollars to be a part of fancy gym and never go to it. Be a part of a gym (or box as crossfitters call them) where you want to go, where you look forward to go everyday even when your body is sore. 

I was a nerd all my life. Studying was all I ever did, starting from kindergarten up until my Masters. My parents tried to encourage me to go outside and play, but I never did. The main reason being that I was never good at any sports. 9 times out of 10, I participated in a sport I lost. Winning was just so important to me, that I did the only thing I was good at, study. CrossFit made me believe in one thing, I can be strong too and the real competition is mainly with yourself. I know I am not the fastest, or the best at it, but I am getting better every passing day.

With every passing day, comes a new achievement. Maybe not every day but consistently enough to make sure you are engaged till you knock one out and move to the other. I remember the day I got my first toes to bar, it felt so good. I can do pushups now, and pullups too with the least resistive band. With every PR comes a sense of satisfaction, achievement and a boost of confidence. With every extra pound I can lift I feel the gratification of giving my best to the job at hand. 

About the lifestyle changing part, I now think twice before eating anything I mean anything, and more often than not it is the right healthy choice. I actually feel nauseated sometimes when I look at fast/unhealthy food. Sometimes, is much higher than actually never. I make a conscious effort to be active on a regular basis. I sneak in sets of 10-15 burpees/lunges/air squats multiple times a day in between chores. Before sleeping I try to do 5, 1-minute planche holds. Every time I have to carry groceries from my car up two flights of stairs to my apartment I sneak in some bicep curls. It sounds crazy but it makes me feel good. 

Another great thing about CrossFit is the community that you are part of. I have to talk about my box "Folsom City CrossFit". It is the best place for me in Folsom. The people are just the best people I have ever met.  One of my friends aptly put it " They understand the simpler things better. We can relate a lot when it matters what matters most to me. That is the beauty of sport." Indeed it is... CrossFit is a sport, and anyone who disagrees with it, should try CrossFit. Every day when I look forward to 6.30pm , because it is the best part of my day. When I come back sore, I feel proud on what I have achieved. 

CrossFit is something that is making me healthy and happy about doing it at the same time. 

Finally, my love letter (or rant, however you may call it) about CrossFit ends with what my favorite coach always says, "It hurts so good".

Monday, August 27, 2012

A tribute to my favorite professor...

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
गुरुरेव परंब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥

The shloka above portrays your guru (teacher) as the param Brahma, the supreme reality. I was never a very religious person, but this chant stuck to my heart since 8th grade. It depicts how influential a teacher can be in shaping the lives of his/her students. Therein lies the biggest strength of a guru. Today I lost my most beloved and cherished teacher.

I will forever think of him as the greatest professor, I was fortunate enough to be a student off. His ability to take the most complicated spectroscopic phenomena in physics and break it down to the level of a 12th grader always astounded me. The twinkle in his eyes when he taught was unmistakable. It was he who instilled in me that hard-work is indeed the key to success. Despite his busy schedule and being bogged down by non-academic workload,he never came to the class unprepared. I have known him refusing to meet anyone at least half an hour before the class starts so that he can prepare. I don't remember him dismissing the comments of a student as wrong. Even if someone did gave a wrong answer or made an incorrect comment, he always taught how to correct it without demoralizing. He was a professor, who apologized profusely at every exam for setting the paper too tough. The trust he placed in his students was so extreme, that he even allowed us to drop our papers in his office hours after the scheduled time was up.

The encouragement he gave, made you believe that you can be whatever you want to be. He was not only a teacher but a great mentor, who taught me how to be good at what you do. An academic idol as my friend aptly describes him. He was one person whom everyone respected, irrespective of whether he taught them or not. All the while I was a student under him, I have never seen him lose his temper. Logic and common sense were always his friends while dealing with unfavorable situations. He touched my life in more ways than one.

A true gentleman and an ideal teacher, he sets the standard not only for other teachers but every human being. Despite being loved and revered as one of the best, he was humble and unassuming.  I believe, he made the world a better place for many, me included. I never knew a teacher can leave such a deep impact in your life.

I cannot even imagine the pain and hurt felt by his wife, Radhika Ma'am. We always thought they had the perfect love story. I offer my condolences to his family and friends, and all my fellow students, for whom he will always remain the best, always.

The list of angels in heaven grew by one more tonight.... Rest in peace, Ramaswamy Sir.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Things are a bit clear now or are they? I can see what I want to do.. feels like its just 4 more months. Everyone wants to stay in school, say that its the best thing, friends, freedom and everyone seems to have it. I also had an amazing experience in one of my schools. I want to work now, I wanted to study but I changed my mind, just like that. I saw a bit of struggle and I change my mind. In a job also when faced with struggles I might change my mind you never know. The will to study and the opportunity to study are not the only things that govern whether you want to study or not. There are a million other things which other people might not have to consider but I do. I have been cribbing so much about finances but now when given an opportunity to study and get paid for it I turned it down. What for? Isn't that crazy? Well, I don,t know, but I don't want to commit myself for 4 years to a thing about which I am doubtful even from now. everyone asks me to stop thinking, well you have a brain right and you have all these issues how do you stop thinking. I am not sad I am just questioning the fact that will I be happy when I go out from here into another strange land with no friends whatsoever? I will be financially okay but is all the looking forward to this event in my life justified? Am I not over-happy about this thing? People have made so many friends, I am official the least social person I have ever known. Emotional support is so important when you come so far away, now I understand why people come after getting married or bring their boyfriends/girlfriends along. The thing that irritates me the most is these kind of people giving unwelcome advice to other people about the art of learning to adjust. All these things makes me skeptical about excepting anything from anyplace or anyone. Everything I do, is just out of a fixed timetable every other ordinary person does or follow. Nothing special about it or me. I recently told a friend of mine that I wanted to do something special in life something important but when I look at the repercussions I think well let's just chuck it, maybe all the struggle and the pain that goes along with it is not worth it. How would I ever be able to justify the past 6 months of solitude and tears and pain towards anything. It makes me feel like if I stayed back and applied at a few places I wanted to work in probably I would have been more happy. Or maybe? The past 6 months have seriously made me doubt that is there anything about which I will be ever happy in life. Every happy moment is short lived. Its like spurts of happiness in the vast duration of sadness and hopelessness. Anyways I have to stay together. Everything will be over and I will be in favourable surroundings soon.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hmm... Goa, when I first got an admission from BITS-Goa, I was needless to say relaxed, for the alternative would have been a ridiculously expensive, highly overrated, definitely not worth it university. And boy, was I glad I made that decision. Looking back at the times I think that was the best decision I made ever in my life till now. I had the most amazing times of my life there. If given a chance I would always want to go to Goa, once every year. It was here where I realized my love for beaches. Not the crowded ones, but the quiet ones.... The beaches of Majorda, Wagator... so quiet , so peaceful... Ah Majorda, the white sand, the tables on beach with candles all set for romantic dinners, and the patch of the beach where there were riptides, so that noone went to the water there and the beach being completely empty. It felt like a private beach and I just remembered all the countless sunsets I have seen there. Oh, the bike rides to all the places... The cute li'l colonial houses all along the 'perfect for riding' roads, the shopping places alongside the beaches...
I have always been afraid of water, but when you stand on the sand, with the sun sinking into the horizon, and the water is all of shades colour you can imagine, the clouds giving your imagination a shape and the waves just kissing your feet, I don't think anyone can resist that. Well, atleast I couldn't... I enjoyed watching the most scenic sunsets everyday for 4 years, I enjoyed the rains and rainbows and wonderful winds every evening... I couldn't have asked for a better place to live... Everyone tells me its the people and not the place, well I agree having found so many amazing friends did made a difference, but there was some undeniable charm in the place too. First, our campus was just brilliant. The place was just way too scenic, atop a hillock, looking over the Zuari river. My parents always told me everyone should have the hostel experience in their live. It helps you grow up, makes you realize what you are capable off and more importantly, you make friends who stay with you for life. I know school life was great, but it was very rare to share every single moment with your friends when back in school. You had to go home at some point. In BITS, your hostel was your home. I cannot even explain how fun it was to celebrate birthdays at the midnight, or sitting and chatting, watching FRIENDS, sipping hot mugs of tea, making maggi, taking care of each other in case someone fell sick, or had some crisis.. I remember studying together the first semester for weekly quizzes...celebrating holi together, watching ridiculous movies and talking... Oh the talking, I miss the most, talking about anything and everything under the sun, just blabbering and laughing and the walks after dinner, and hanging out at nescafe, or monginis, or juice center. It was just amazing. May not be sophisticated or glamorous, but it was in these small things where lied so much happiness.
College is over and we should realize it. It was fun 4 years. That's why everyone used to say, enjoy as much while you can, not because you can't when you go out, but then the things which spelled happiness for you will change and in most cases not for good. I am not clinging on to the past wishing that I could go back always but sometimes nostalgia just overpowers you and you close your eyes and picture the day when 11 people packed into a Tata Sumo talking all kinds of crap, singing all kinds of songs just driving down the road in the most beautiful place I have ever been..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it be...

I forgot for a while how hard it is to say goodbye to the people you love.... I hate goodbyes and I suck at them. I don,t want to say a goodbye ever. I said goodbye to one of the dearest friends I made after coming here. Doing so made me realized how hard it is to make a friend who thinks like you, and more importantly how hard it is to say goodbye. As I was seeing her get into the bus, I wish I could shout out at the universe for making this happen.. But I couldn't for I knew that even though this brings immense heartbreak for me, it showered so much happiness for her.
If you know me, then probably I am the most sentimental person you have ever seen. I am the kind of person who cries at the most ridiculously made movies and series. I hate that about me, crying has been a sign of weakness, I hate that I am so weak that I can't control my tears. I was supposed to love this phase of life and I hate that I hate this life so much. I want to love what I do, and nothing is helping. I feel so helpless, being 16,000 miles away from home. Why is it that I am so attached to home like a 2 year old? Its so hard worrying about everything. I guess that kind of takes out the motivation to do anything. But this is not me, I was supposed to be strong, stand by all... and all of this makes me mad , mad at my inability to stand upto a decision I made. I want to believe thats this decision is not wrong. I know deep in my heart that this decision is not wrong. Then why does it feel wrong... I don,t want it to feel wrong. But everytime I think of it my mind just drifts off to the fact that what if it is wrong. What if I didn't know what to do... But then I want to study more, studying was the only thing I was ever good at, studying is the only thing I did ever... Studying is all I know, all I did for the past 20 years of my life and now I can,t wait to be done with it... I want to do a Phd but not like this, not like worrying about everything else except studying, worrying about a stupid loan, worrying about internship, worrying about getting a professor...What the hell is this? I thought that doing Phd is all about studying and research and doing things that you like.... This is wrong and I don,t know what have I done to deserve this...
I know sometime I will look back at this time and think that this made me strong, but right now I don't want to be strong. I wish to live comfortably, not luxuriously but comfortably. I am not really uncomfortable right now, but it would be nice to take a trip or go out for dinner without feeling bad. Now as I write this I realize I am so damn spoilt... Why can't I live without a trip outside of West Lafayette, why am I so mad at not being able to go outside for a movie.... Why is it necessary? And I am sick of people asking me again and again and again... How the hell do I made them realize that its not the same for me? Am I overreacting... No, I don,t think so. I am not overreacting and you know what when people say I understand that its all bull shit... people don't understand a thing, they just keep telling it like some broken record, well if you understand it, how about not mentioning it the next time, or even if you mention it how about not looking fucking pissed about it... I haven,t talked to my home since last week, haven't talked to my love since 10 days... 10 days... Its bad enough that I get to see them after 1.5 years.. this was not supposed to be hard.One moment of smile brings a million reasons to cry and I hate crying, I hate myself for not making myself strong enough not to cry.I hate myself for losing my temper and not just ignore people who don't matter.
Oh God! I don,t know what to do.... Just Let it be :|

Friday, November 19, 2010

Innocent Wishes

When we were a kid, what did we want? A li'l more freedom, the extra ice-cream, chocolates, the ability to watch TV for a longer time, not have a routine time to turn in, innocent wishes, innocent demands... When did wishes become so complicated, when did your wishes do freaking complicated.. I still wait for a day, when someone smiling at me would make me happy... As a kid I used to love everything, love going to school, love waiting for weekends, when I didn't have to stay in creche, love eating occasional junk food... love when papa used to bring something as simple as new stationery for school, love when Mumma baked a cake for you on your birthday... I do not want to dwell on the fact that I am not happy here, but it keeps coming back, like a reminder post-it on my wall... I hate that I am not happy here... For the first time in my life I watched a movie alone today in a hall ... it made me think, why the hell am I rotting 16000 miles away from my home, from the people whom i love, more importantly the people who love me, at this godforsaken place. Its been two days since the new Harry Potter movie has been released and I haven't seen it. It wouldn't be the cool thing to do, but its my thing.. I don't want to like sophisticated stuff when I love doing so called 'kid' things... I am scared of losing will to do anything. I have lost the will to do good, to look good, to be good, all I want is for this phase to be over.... Some day will come when the tears will dry up, the will to live gone... I fear this happening to me.... I haven't been myself for even one day after I have come over...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


What do we crib about? A pending assignment, a tough test, not having fun stuff to do...

Reading the last few posts and looking at my life generally I know, not think, but know, I am the wrong person to talk about cribbing. I am the queen of cribbing... Throughout my life all I have ever done was crib, and achieved and then cribbed some more. Its another thing to be wanting to achieve more and another to not celebrate what you have achieved. There have been people who have remained happy and achieved more or people who have remained happy and achieved less, but the point is that they were happy. I have somehow found out the deepest darkest thing that depresses me to no bound... I have never ever met a more negative person than me , a person who cribs more than me, who despite being a science student believes in stupid stuff such as a black cat crossing in front brings bad luck... Really? Knowledge is supposed to enlighten you... What has it done for me?

I just saw a video ( Happy Christmas, War is over by John Lennon), it showed what real problems are? For some people getting a roof over head and eating 2 meals a day is all that matters... Not the crap we ( specifically I) keep worrying about...

It was John Lennon's birthday yesterday.. I didn't know about him for a long time... But man was he super awesome... Somehow, I am very very influenced by his music... People talk about peace on face, while thinking of payback at the back of their minds... Wow this guy was super duper great... I wish I were born in the 70's during Beatlemania . I love the music, somehow it makes me forget at least for the 3 minutes that the song is on , about my numerous "issues".I am in such awe of people who have a passion for something and actively pursue it, just for themselves. Just to be happy.. to have one part in their life, which they can truly enjoy.. There is so much that I want to do, to say I don't have time would be wrong... Everyone us hard pressed for time, still they find the extra hour and half to do which brings a smile to their face. I would someday like to be that person. Sometimes I feel that I am not passionate about anything in life, which depresses me even more... I wonder if it is true or not. I hope its not. I don't want to say I am passionate about my studies, because I am not. Had I been even 10 % passionate I would not have abandoned the plan for PhD just like the others...
Coming back to John Lennon, I wish he was alive, I wish
there was no Chapman, I would have loved to see/meet him.... I believe the world is divided into two groups of people, people who love Beatles and people who have not heard any song of theirs so far... I just cannot believe there exists a sect of people who do not like Beatles. I personally think its not possible. Listen to 'Imagine' if you haven't yet. Its the simplicity of the song that you get addicted to. Its like the more you hear, the more you don't it to stop, just go on forever. Music truly has the power to inspire, motivate, make you happy, make you forget.. It is being lost in a world you would wish to have.. From the millions fan of his from around the world I am sure I am not the only person who thinks that.

His music was mind-blowing and I am sure the person was too.

Happy Birthday Mr. John Lennon....

I end with a famous saying by Lennon,
A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.